Hello my imaginary readers

88 days before moving to the States (again), here I am,  throwing away more me-junk on cyber space with a new blog.

If you’ve already followed my adventures in LA LA LAND you know what you are signing for: photoshoped pictures of my good profile, embarrassing stories of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, funny stories of crazy people I meet, credit card related panic attacks, wardrobe malfunctions and lots and lots of insight on cultural differences.

If you’ve also made the mistake of  following my adventures in Wuthering Heights, you already know that you’ll be reading the W-word very ofter. Very. Often. Which reminds me, Will is scouting campuses these days (hence the free time to start up a new blog) and I miss him too much to even admit it.

So, here I am, 30 and still alive, married for a year and a half, a non-smoker for 2 years, a journalist for 8 and an activist for 1.

*I don’t know what went wrong.*

I’m getting ready to resign from my editorial position in Marie Claire (Greek edition) and follow the love of my life across the pond, to a new country. That’s why I named it “out of office automatic reply”.

(And because you might take my drama queen act for second thoughts, let’s make it clear: I’ve got NONE whatsoever. I’m DYING to start a new life away from Athens.)

So, I hope you enjoy it. I know I will.

oh, not another blogger!



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4 responses to “Hello my imaginary readers

  1. lou

    u did the best thing. you always write about people who follow their dreams and heart. (except these celebrity-hollywood-eating disorders-photoshopmania-articles):) so its ur turn.

  2. Are we allowed to comment in greek?
    Or should we all become international gomenes now?

    • We were always international gomenes!
      Fysika kai mporeis na grafeis se o,ti glossa 8es. Arkei na tin katalavaino– diladi oxi germanika. Giati an doseis to kako paradeigma, o Will 8a mou grafei se Tourkika i Voulgarika i se mia apo tis Nekres glosses pou milaei farsi kai tote 8a gelate oloi eis varos mou.

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