Bye, bye Paris

Last night I time traveled back to the ’40s and landed on Aiolis — a downtown bar, where Athens Swing Riot! threw a Paris themed party. Fully equipped with stripes, french accent and rude attitude, I went there for the first girls night out since Will left. A cosmopolitan, two beers and a tequila shot later, we moved to Baba Au Rum for a night cup (a champagne based cocktail named Chin-chin). After stealing some chocolate chips from the barman and laughing until our cheeks hurt, I took the lonely taxi ride back home right on sunrise. Went to bed listening to morning birds and knowing I’ll wake up with a hell of a hangover.

I did.

Dimitris painted this.

In other news, I found out I have family in California, a guy named Brandon Tahtaras and is obviously a grandchild of my grandfather’s brothers who moved to the west side in the early 20th century.  Thank you Facebook.

I also found out that I can get drunk without mugging anyone for cigarettes. Oh, Thetis, if only you know the danger that was threatening your life  all night long! So, I’m officially cured. Thank you chocolate.

I’m going to crawl to the nearest starbucks and meet up with Solero to remind her of our Sundays in LA where she had to live with this face and my endless whining. Thank you girl.



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3 responses to “Bye, bye Paris

  1. Tita

    Good times.Next Saturday i have a date with the marmalade based cocktail 🙂
    the face of bliss

  2. Εμενα τελικά θα μου φέρετε καμιά αφίσα;

    Ούτε ήρθα, ούτε αφίσα όμως;;;;;;;;;

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