Fashion Weekender Report

You know it was a good fashion week when:

– you had lots to talk about when you made it to the door after the shows.

– you saw clothes that you want to wear and clothes you wish you have made yourself.

– you went backstage and despite the panic-struck faces of staff, you were also kind of star-struck by the designers because you really admired their work.

– you saw more anatomic details of models than you even cared about.

– it included at least on ethical fashion show, so now you’ll feel less like a freak when you talk about it here in the far, far end of the western world.

– your feet hurt like something is permanently destroyed down there and you’ll never feel your toes ever again, but you are still very proud of spending 13 consecutive hours on high heels. On cobblestone yards. With free drinks around.

– the fashion magazine people finally made it to the front row where they belonged in the first place. No more peeping behind local b-list celebrities to see what’s going on on the catwalk.

– you feel sorry it’s over.

There is more to come, I’ll be uploading catwalk pictures the next few days. Right now I’m too focused on soaking my feet in epson salts (I had them delivered from LA for this purpose), trying to get rid of the glittery stuff that is all over my clothes and hair (I kissed and hugged too many beautiful people), digging far into my closet and deciding what I’m keeping and what I’m bringing with me at the next swap party (information is power and we know the trends for fall/winter 2010/11).

Yiorgos Eleftheriades



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3 responses to “Fashion Weekender Report

  1. lou

    to afw ειναι σαν το champions league για τους αντρες.ανυπόφορα εθιστικό

  2. LOL. δεν το είχα σκεφτεί. το δικό μας Champions League, μόνο με πιο ωραίες εμφανίσεις.

  3. lou

    και λιγότερο ιδρωμενες λολ

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