April Fools’

Breaking news:

Ice cream makes you thin. The new health system works. Greece is no longer Europe’s joke. University professors actually care for the academic careers of their students. Civil servants work hard for their salaries. Fashion magazines promote a healthy figure for spring. There is a new bike lane in every city with traffic problems. Government officials are really concerned about unemployment -and they are doing something about it. Scientists discovered the gene that makes you rude and are about to eliminate it so the metro system won’t look like a war zone anymore. Journalists have credibility -they also get some basic college education before starting writing and broadcasting. 15- year-olds are safe in the streets of Athens. Chinese factory workers are taking the week off and coming back to fair wages and nice working conditions. My obsessive shopping and consuming does miracles for the planet. So does chocolate for my abs.

This is the happiest day!

oh, not another dreamer!


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One response to “April Fools’

  1. lou

    im not in love with my ex. i do believe in my dreams. im so going to be a writer. i will achieve immortality

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