William Kentridge’s charcoal

Will flew to NYC last week and saw this amazing exhibition at MOMA.We spent the morning watching the videos and talking about it. I won’t bore you with arty blah, blah, blah because I’m not an art critic, but you have to see them!

Start here, it is the first one. If you like it, go on clicking on the rest. Will’s favorite is this.

Mine is this. I do believe that everybody has a good, sensitive side, but I also believe that he/she should show it when he/she is on top of the world. If you reconnect with the goodness in you when you’ve lost everything else, well, I guess, it’s too late. This is not goodness, is desperation and I don’t buy it.

In other news, Will’s birthday is today! He is still in his 20s so I’m going to leave you now and go put on some face cream to “prevent the appearance of the first fine lines” and dye my hair to “completely cover the first gray hair” and while I’m at it get some botox because you have to start early now so they’ll never remember how you looked without all this shit on your face.


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