another day in paradise

book of the day: American nerd, by Benjamin Nugetnt.

hard cover copy, survived the metro

quote of the day: “I’m going to meet him, ask him what the fuck he was talking about and break his nose. And then run”.

“Make sure you don’t wear your high heels”.

I feel soooo protected around my friends.

highlight of the day: about to begin my 5 hour marathon of editorial meetings in both Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire magazines.

achievement of the day: created a twitter account.The first person I started following is my professor at UCLA and entertainment writer Mikethebigguy.

blog of the day: Rumor has it that they posted the BEST recipe for caramelized baked potatoes.

weirdo of the day: there is this woman who sends handwritten letters to Marie Claire every month, with the same ol’ story: “found a copy of your disgusting magazine on my hairdresser/dentist/friend’s table and blah, blah, blah.” To make a long story short we “know nothing about anything and we are promoting an unhealthy way of life”. I even have a “weirdos file” on my desk and half the letters there are by her. I wish I had her free time.

insecurity of the day: I saw these pictures from Media Camp and instead of feeling proud of our chic&ethic team, all I can think of is that I look like I have a double chin. Too bad I had to talk and interact instead of just posing for the camera at a right angle.

goodbye of the day: see you later.



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  1. -and thanks for all the fish!

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