pride and prejudice

So, I’m deleting stuff from the account, the one that will be thrown into the black hole of company accounts in 64 days. It’s kind of weird, like a Sex and the City flash back, rereading old emails from 2008 and trying desperately to remember the inside joke that this colleague wrote — and she’s not even working there anymore to help you out!

I’m not going to get all corny and sentimental on you, but it’s tough when you have to resign from a job you like. Especially if you’ve spent half your day for the last 3 years stuck at a desk that somebody else is going to take over. And she won’t even keep your pink fluffy decorations.

However, when I think of spending another 3 years in the same desk, I feel like chocking myself with the pink fluffy decorations and then jumping out the window just to make sure.

The good news is that now that I’m going through my old e-mails, I’m rediscovering lots of hi res treasures, like these images from the Pride and Prejudice graphic novel.

Of course, right after I requested these images from Marvel’s press office, I went on amazon to get it myself. Right now it is tightly packed with all my Austen and Bronte novels in a big carton box that used to carry cans of concentrated milk.



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2 responses to “pride and prejudice

  1. Ehhhm, I’ll have to admit I had no clue such thing existed… Not nice, not nice! 😛

  2. If you are a big Jane Austen fan, you may be disappointed with the graphic version. But still, it’s the overseas-traveling-friendly version, when you can’t concentrate on anything more serious than a bubble.

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