more spring cleaning treasures

From my inbox:

these amazing lunch boxes that started my whole obsession with the picnics, bicycles and days at the park culture. If you can picture yourself on a checkered blanket, behind huge white sunglasses, in a polka doted dress with full skirt and a Grace Kelly head scarf (so the wind won’t mess with your hair when you speed up), then THIS is your lunch box.

From my contact list:

Eleni Sardi from the best eco magazine Green My Style sent me a link about Minna Hepburn, a London based ethical designer. She’s into lace, dresses, organic silk, no waste policy and vintage inspirations. She could be our friend –and personal designer when we get nominated for the Oscars.

From my partner in crime:

the new Harajuku girls are the Reki-jo girls. In other words, the latest trend among Japanese girls is history. Even the former Chanel model Anne, daughter of actor Ken Watanabe, is obsessing over the last shogun of Japan in her free time.

and I thought, I was hanging out with nerds.

From my post-it notes:

63 days to go!


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