The Karl Lagerfeld Project: Day 1

Nothing smells as yummy as it does on the first day of your diet.

Karl would be sooo proud of me if only he knew how many thank-you-but-nos I said today, while my whole body (nose first) were screaming yes, yes, oh please yes!

A cup of green tea and all the self control I could muster are here with me now, trying to concentrate on translating a sex article for Cosmo. How many different ways can you possibly find to talk about G spot? If only I knew this nerd that came up with the idea of g-spot, all locked up in his lab and full of self-importance! First I’d break his nose (and glasses I guess) and then ask him why?

Or I can just go and consume some trans fat and relax.

And then Urban Outfitters tweets about this amazing 5$ sale and I’m back on track.

More green tea and no whining -it’s bad for the skin. Karl was right.


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