random days in Athens

on your day off you can:

– visit the Museum of the City at Syntagma and learn how it was transformed from a relatively nice place to a fucking chaos. I was surprised to see sketches by early 19th century artists picturing camels and men casually resting on ancient ruins. Really? Camels? Camels taking a breath in the shade of the Temple of Olympian Zeus? Well, you need an elephant to reach the place during rush hour nowadays. I was also excited to see King Otto’s porcelain plates with little golden tiaras on them. The princess in me felt like crying at the sight of royal tea sets, but after a while the rest of me was more interested in what was happening outside the dusty mansion.

(I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures of the old stuff, so I immortalized the modern version.)

The best  part of the Museum is the shop with a collection of very interesting books. We got this:

and after going through it later in a coffee shop we were amazed at how informative and well written it is!

We are going back for a couple more, and one is going to be the birthday present for my father -shhhhhh! He is responsible for the random names and stories that take up so much space in my brain’s hard drive. He’s the original history junkie.

– get away from the city and visit your parents’ farm (to load your memory with some more history junk) at the other side of Attica and relax.

and when you are done relaxing, go for a bike ride and discover purple trees!

-when you are full of clean air and mom’s food, come back to the city and fill your recovering lungs with urban dirt. You love that stuff, admit it.

Or, if you’re into that sort of thing, you can fill them with:

(yep, somebody actually wrote Crazy Man Juices on a wall in Monastiraki. Ah, the scenery!)

More Athenian adventures to come.

Oh, you never enjoy the city as much as you do the weeks before leaving it!

By the way, 59 days to go.


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