monkey makes the world go round

Listening  to NPR’s reports about Greece, I’m convinced I live in Cairo (sorry people from Cairo) and I don’t even know it.

And then I pay attention: riots and looting, civil servants on strike pretending like their extravagant salaries and laziness have nothing to do with the situation, people accusing the prime minister of being “an American Jew” who tries to bring the country down, even though the bankruptcy  is clearly the former prime minister’s fault (but he was born in Greece and doesn’t fit the conspiracy theory), armed police officers everywhere, Athenians getting tear gassed randomly throughout the day, public transportation is a nightmare, passengers yell and scream at each other for no reason.


No matter how much we lie to the civilized Western people to get more of their money, WE know what we did wrong. Come on! Stop rioting and looting and go back to work –oh, I’m sorry, you are a civil servant, you don’t work, so go back to playing solitaire.

While the politicians were sharing some of the stolen money, nobody protested.  We actually kept voting the same two parties to govern the country again and again. And now there is no more money coming from EU and everybody is out on the streets asking for revenge. Revenge who? As if you haven’t heard of tax evasions earlier.

Here’s something another Jew once said: “But woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, hypocrites that you are!”

By the way, “hypocrites” is a Greek word. There you go.

So, I’ve got an idea: why don’t you spend all this energy on something, creative, something that will make a difference, even make the city look better?

Here’s what I found for begginers:

Seed bombs for guerilla  gardeners.

You cover your face, defy the armed police forces, run for your life and when you find some soil (good luck with that in Athens) you drop the bomb. Next thing you know, a flower is growing!

Buy your ammunition here.

Seed bombs are the new Molotovs.



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2 responses to “monkey makes the world go round

  1. Tita

    Exalli (kai poly swsti). Diavazeis to diko mou blog h na valw tis fwnes? exei kai anafora sto tmhma allodapwn.

    • LOLOLOLOLOL, toooora diavaza to teleftaio sou post kai ekana sxolio (to idio eksalliiiii!).

      Don’t get me started me to allodapon.

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