wear-your-art-to-work day

“Artware Editions is a New York City-based gallery that collaborates with visual artists to produce functional design editions.”

Which means cool t-shirts like this:

or a towel with my favorite girl from Yoshimoto Nara

In other news:

Will tried to cheer me up with this DVD last night,

because 9 is my number and I like Tim Burton’s movies. Only, it wasn’t a Tim Burton movie, he’s just the producer but they use his name to fool people like us in desperate need for animated tales.

He was just wonderful (Will, not Burton) trying to understand and console me and I remembered the line from Mother Night “Das Reich das Zwei” (Nation of Two) and then I remembered how he introduced me to Kurt Vonnegut’s books and how I stayed up all night because I couldn’t put them down and then I thought how happy I am every time we stand in front of our massive bookshelves and he’s helping me pick out a book and then I smiled for the first time in the last 48 hours and realized I’m an optimistic person and nothing can change that.

There you go.


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One response to “wear-your-art-to-work day

  1. Red Horse

    What lovely thoughts in confusing times. So 2 is your new number; lay it on it’s side and it rather resembles a smile!

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