seeing Paris through our eyes

Watching people from the other side of Colette‘s window.

Sticking my nose up against Chanel’s window and…

then realizing how many months I have to go without food to be able to afford the jacket I loved so much.

Swinging our sneakers above the water, eating cheese and crackers and making a list of the things we are going to miss from the Old World.

Kissing our way around the world.

The first thing we saw after coming out from our hotel for a night stroll.

Sunday morning, in the line to enter Notre Dame.

Celebrating La fete du Pain in the square of Notre Dame by teaching kids how to make bread and croissants. I can’t even begin to describe the smell of fresh bread awaiting us outside the church.

If you’ve seen Before Sunset then you know why we had to visit this bookstore.

The place where I got my new favorite bags.

Inside Paris Mosque.

Little shops with handmade goodies in Marais.

Street art with butterflies made of newspaper.

The view from the 6th floor of Centre Pompidou.

Women artists fighting for their rights.

Pink trees! When it was windy, it felt like walking in pink rain.

God loves Paris.

And I love my new wallet. If you are going to Paris, you have to ask me about this store with second hand designer clothes and accessories. We are talking about Hermes and Dior here!

Will+Giota remembering their summer vacation in Samothrace. Yep, NIKH was victoire for the rest of the visitors.

Giota fooling around with ancient animals in the Louvre.

Taking a breather in a park.

Walking around in Montmartre, speechless with the beauty –well, okay, Will was speechless, I can’t really shut up, so I was babbling away about it.

My favorite Monet painting in Museum D’ Orsay.

Writing in a park, watching other people soaking up the sun.

Aur voir!



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2 responses to “seeing Paris through our eyes

  1. Solero

    Giota + ancient animals in Louvre = hilarious

  2. jerry

    Ειχα ξεχασει πόσο μου αρεσει το Παρίσι….
    Τελειες φωτο… για οδηγό!
    Και στο επόμενο ταξίδι σας!

    Αναμένοντας το πικνικ!

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