about to be homeless

So, Dimitra sent me this link to make me shut up about how hard it is to find the perfect pair of jeans (or the meaning of life if you want to go there). And I got really excited and then it hit me:

where do I send the perfect pair of jeans?

I have less than two weeks in Athens.

I’ll be moving around the American Midwest for the best part of June.

I’ll be going to the new house in Ann Arbor sometime in July (don’t know the date yet).

We are talking about the person who lived her whole life in the same Athens apartment –okay, apart from this LA break, but you get the point. Seriously, they took me there straight from the hospital when I was a few days old, never moved away and when I turned 18 my parents left for the country and my brother for Italy so I stayed behind to paint every room a different color and fill the balcony with dying plants every spring for more than a decade.

Now, I’m 30 and when I say home, I don’t even know what I mean any more. I don’t even have a shipping address for the perfect pair of jeans.



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2 responses to “about to be homeless

  1. Elsa

    Perase toso grigora o kairos? Feugeis???
    Ax koritsaki moy, eimai toso xaroumeni gia sena!
    Eimai sigouri oti me ton Will tha ftiaxete mia poly omorfi zwi stin Ameriki, opws kai edw.
    Thelw poly na se dw prin figeis -xerw oti mporei na min ta kataferoume…
    Na xereis omws oti se skeftomai panta!

    Se filw poly!!!

  2. jerry

    ναι βέβαια διότι…
    γιώτα χωρίς σπίτι… άστεγη γιώτα!!!
    είδες τι πάθαμε που κοροϊδεύαμε;;;

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