The Ghost Writer (spoiler alert)

You know this feeling, being stressed out about the 9398934594735 things you have to do, feeling your stomach jump around just thinking about them (randomly, not in any useful order) and then end up doing absolutely nothing because you’re frozen.

Well, after a hell of a day (it has to do with my former accountant who is a fraud — I ended up owing money to the IRS, don’t get me started) I spent the afternoon eating fruits and yogurt in a downtown cafe with a magnificent view of the Acropolis. I even missed a meeting with my Chic & Ethic girls (and you know how much I love meetings, girl time and fashion in any form, ethical or not) because I had so many things to do.

After the yogurt and the view, we watched the Ghost Writer in this open theater in Thiseio, where you can see the lit up Acropolis in the corner of your eye –which btw makes concentrating on a CIA drama sooooo difficult.

Ah, the Ghost Writer. He dies in the end (no need to go and see it now). I thought he’d come back and haunt his killers, become a real ghost. THAT would be a fresh idea. The rest of it about how the CIA recruits young men in expensive colleges and turns them into Prime Ministers around the world so they can make decisions that promote USA’s interests are as old as the cold war spy movies.

But I enjoyed the movie, the open  theater, the official goodbye to Athens, the coffee with Magda, the last visit to the office (I went as far as the cafe, never entering the office again), the adrenaline rush of leaving the 9398934594735 things you have to do just to  spend a romantic evening with your partner.


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