Went to Madison, spent 21 hours with my partner in crime, watched a thunderstorm from the other side of the shore (turned the horizon pink!), came really close to a chipmunk (the tiny animals that look like squirrels but are not —and the animated version is Donald Duck’s  worst nightmare), came back to another thunderstorm in Minneapolis.

Embarrassing confession: Every time I hear the word thunder (as in “come back in the house Giota, there is a thunderstorm approaching”), the little voices in my head play the theme song of ThunderCats.

Do you even remember the show?

Because I do, it’s there, right in my head and all over my ears, Thunder-thunder-thundercaaaats!, and the sword doubles in size –I was about 5 when I first saw it, so I never got the implication.

So the crazy Greek person smiles every time people talk seriously about dangerous thunderstorms and feels homesick for the thick carpet in front of the tv set that her brother and cousins used to lie on, while eating candy and watching muscular and sexy cats doing their thing.

And I don’t even like cats for God’s sake!


True confession: coming back from Madison, I don’t  know if I’m really, really, really happy I saw Will, or really, really, really sad I had to leave him again.

But, I’m truly happy I got to see this city!

Museum of Modern Art

We had breakfast in a restaurant that's located in the lobby of an old theater.

Decorated Will’s dorm room with my letters.

Another true confession: every time I visit an American campus, I don’t know if I’m really, really, really excited to be there or really, really, really MAD at the people responsible for our sorry excuses for universities.

So, you go from one class to the other and you look up and this is the view!

I’m going back to school.



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7 responses to “ThunderCats

  1. christos

    tha kanoun kainourgia epeisodia thundercats kai tainia

  2. George

    Ama sto akousma twn keraunwn esy skeftesai tous thundercats, ama mpeis sti zoula se kapoio perifrouroumeno meros kai akouseis na fwnazoun “Guaaards”, esy tha skeftesai tous Frourous tis Axaias?
    Tha trelathwwww 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • jerry

      (1ον: η φίλη σας η Μ. δεν με γνώρισε προχθές στο μαγαζί της που πήγα να πάρω ρούχα, τι της έχετε κάνει κακούργοι- εσύ και η ξαδε. κι εγώ θα τρελαθώ ΚΑΙ θα πηδηχτώ και από το παράθυρο)
      2ον: εμείς στο σόι μας κάνουμε συνειρμούς συνεχώς γιώργο μου… (κάτι θα εχει πέσει στην αντίληψή σου τόσα χρόνια!!)
      άσε που και άσχετα να είναι τα θέματα μεταξύ τους (φαινομενικά βέβαια, γιατί ποτέ δεν είναι άσχετα για μας), με ένα “εντωμεταξύ”, το οποίο εισάγει καινούρια πρόταση και νέο θέμα συζήτησης, τη βρήκαμε την άκρη!!!!!!
      ε ξαδερφού;;;;

    • George

      Bre jerry mou, mipws piges xwris ton Tom kai de se gnwrise?
      Gia to soi sas kouventa de tha pw. Pws na tolmisw allwste afou exw koimithei se ola ta spitia. Aporw pws mou xefygan ta magazia. Tha eixan dynata ti mousiki fainetai.
      Entwmetaxy (toooopiasa), i fili mas i M., etsi itan panta. Egw den ekana tipota!!!

      • jerry

        Τοοοοοοοοοοπιασες γιώργο μου!
        Μα σε όλα ρε παιδί μου .. και στα χειμερινά και στα θερινά ανάκτορα!!!
        Εντωμεταξύ, αν με προλάβεις και πας πρώτος θα κλαίω! 🙂

  3. naiiiiiiiiiiii,,,kai gw tha tolmisw na sinomologisw mazi sou oti oxi apla skeftomai to theme song apo tous thundercats alla asinaisthita sikwnw kai ta xeria sa na kratw ekeino to fwtospatho me to sima twn TC…ki episis den sibathw ta fatia…oxi den eimai stalker…i promish!!

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