Oh, thank you God, it was about time

Quoting Vogue‘s Sally Singer: “the look that has been doing the rounds for what feels like, oh, forever is suddenly tired, tired, tired. The biker jacket with one too many zippers. The slouchy distressed tees that now only cause frayed nerves. The heavy buckled platform ankle boots that are dead weight. And the leggings! The leggings, in leather or nylon or gleaming PVC; time for them to walk to the back of the closet.”

Thank you God (and Anna Wintour) for the article: When did chic get so cool? (Answer:”When a generation turned away from slouchy tees and leather leggings. Girls, looking polished and grown up is back”).

Have you ever felt like clapping your hands or laughing out loud after reading something? I actually did. I sat up in bed (it’s 2.30 AM in Michigan) and clapped my hands hard while laughing out loud. At last, I can be optimistic about the future of human race.

Now, you, unless your name is Miley Cyrus, go wash your hair, throw away anything with tears on it, wash your hair again and wear a tailored dress in the right size for God’s sake –and please don’t dress it down with flip flops or chunky platforms, dress it UP with a pair of kitten heals at least.

(By the way, when I read about Lindsay Lohan going to jail, I wished it was because of the leggings trend. OH MY G-O-D the leggings! I thought only the Kardashian sisters would be too stupid to know the difference between a pantyhose and a pair of pants.)

Now, you, I’m not done with you! Go wash your hair again, then actually comb it and then go to rocker loser chic rehab: Celine’s Phoebe Philo brainwash

or for chronic cases, the latest Valentino couture:

Chain-jangling should be illegal.



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2 responses to “Oh, thank you God, it was about time

  1. George

    Πολύ στεναχωρέθηκα για τη Λιντσευ. Νομίζω την “αγαπώ” από τότε που έβλεπα τη σειρά LAX στο φίλμνετ. Η σειρά κόπηκε στον πρώτο κύκλο γιατί μάλλον μόνο εγώ την έβλεπα και ΙΣΩΣ και οι συγγενείς τους. Αλλά η αγάπη παρέμεινε. Όπως και τα δυο βιβλία σου που βρήκα στη βιβλιοθήκη μου.
    Oh, thank God, they are mine now :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  2. Ααααα, το θυμάμαι που το έβλεπες! Και μπορεί να ήταν η μία σειρά που δεν είδα ποτέ! Κι εγώ την αγαπώ μωρέ. Αλλά δεν θα της συγχωρήσω ΠΟΤΕ τα κολλάν. Ποτέ.
    Ειδικά για την ψυχική οδύνη της Αθήνας ΓΕΜΑΤΗΣ leggings. Και φαντάζομαι όλοι ξέρουμε ότι η μέση Ελληνίδα δεν το σηκώνει το κολλητό. Το σήκωσε όμως και το πήγε στο διάολο.
    Ευτυχώς τελείωσε κι αυτό.

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