glossy girl

One of the reasons I heart this country? Cheap magazine subscriptions. And the first one arrived this morning.

It’s not exactly glossy, but I think it’s the best idea a hollywood person ever had. If you excuse me, I have to make me a pot of coffee and read Woody Allen’s short story.

*Embarrassing confession: I was really excited to get the latest issue of Zoetrope, but it was seeing my name above the new address on the envelope that gave me goose bumps and a stupid smile. Receiving the first magazine made my moving to Ann Arbor official.*



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2 responses to “glossy girl

  1. George

    It’s 5.40 am and i see a glossy moon trying hard to stay awake. But it’s meaningless, the sun shall always rise in the morning. Some things happen without “why” and some kids ask “why” when there are no things to ask for…
    That’s, in brief, the short summary of the “baby blue shirt”. No matter how many shirts you do own, you will always look for a new one that fits you better…
    Hold your first-welcome-magazine and try to recollect your youth-first memory of joy, given by a single piece of paper.
    Glossy girl, you neither need a magazine nor a written address. And you don’t need to worry. The moon doesn’t either. Your sun wiil always rise in Ann Arbor… unless Tarzan and Jane find another jungle to collect their fruits.

    Oh God, it’s not 5.40 am any more. And i can’t really say if i am still writting or i ve already fell asleep

  2. Gets the Best Comment Award hands down.
    Thank you.

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