my Turkish half sister

Apparently, Will watched a Turkish movie and the little girl from the cast looked exactly like me. Well if you take away the red lipstick, the fact that most of my baby fat is gone (sadly, not enough), the 2 years of braces that fixed my teeth, the hairdresser that knows how to do bangs and the 20 years age difference, it’s me!

Really, if you see school pictures of my bad hair days, we look exactly the same.

I wonder what my grandfather did while fighting in Smyrna (Izmir). Perhaps he fell in love with a Turkish girl there and the war tore them apart –but not before they had a beautiful lovechild with our amazing genes.

Perhaps his brothers who moved to the USA last century produced more of us, so now the planet is full of cute girls who need braces and somebody to teach them how to tame their hair –I had to be 30 before claiming any success in this particular field.

This is exciting!



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3 responses to “my Turkish half sister

  1. Tita

    t e l e i o!

  2. marilu

    Ναι, σου μοιάζει τρομερά!

  3. Πρέπει να το στείλω στη μαμά μου. Θα εντοπίσει το κοριτσάκι και θα το υιοθετήσει, ελπίζοντας ότι η νεότερη εκδοχή μου δεν θα φύγει για τα ξένα.

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