singing in the rain

My new issue of The New Yorker and I got bored in the house and walked downtown to find a nice spot for reading. And there it was, the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Of course! The famous summer fair with hundreds of artists and visitors from all over the country.

So, I forgot all about the magazine in my bag and started browsing around tents and kiosks with amazing artwork. Right when I thought “hey this is fun!” it started raining. And in Michigan when it rains it pours –literally. I rushed under a doorway and waited for it to stop. I waited and waited, because there is no way I’d walk around in the rain, right? LOL. (It’s still raining two hours later.)

In my safe dry place, I realized I was the only one remotely bummed out by the rain. Everybody took out their colorful raincoats, moms put plastic covers over strollers, teenagers just lowered their baseball caps and kept walking and joking around like nothing was happening. If it wasn’t for the water that was pouring down my face, I’d swear it was sunny and people were enjoying an outdoor fair.

“This is my chance to blend in” thought the Mediterranean person under the roof and took a step forward. Ahhhhh, the rain is sooo cold. Fortunately, I noticed something interesting right across the street: an artist selling hand painted t-shirts and umbrellas! “Can I have the one with the butterflies?”

Sheltered under blue butterfly wings, I continued my stroll just to find out how much fun people were having in the rainstorm. College students took off their shoes and were playing with puddles, kids were screaming and racing each other and a girl ran past me, an 8-year-old with curly hair that was getting out of control with the humidity, and she was cold and saying under her breath “damn you global warming, damn you global warming,” which made me laugh out loud.

I was dying to have fun and didn’t care about the hair or makeup disaster.

There was a time that I could dance around in the rain without giving a damn what other people thought. I’m becoming this girl again.

I’m singing in the rain,

just singing in the rain,

what a glorious feeling,

I’m happy again.


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