yep, I changed the background.

I’m an insomniac, what did you expect? I have to do something during my long, loooong nights.

By the way, tonight I’m trying some reverse psychology: instead of drinking chamomile and spraying myself with calming lavender, I made coffee. Let’s see how this works out.

To add some glamour to my miserable night, I poured my coffee in a fancy porcelain pot and matching cup, like the ones old ladies and Lady Gaga love so much.

In other news, earlier in the day I was walking around the Art Fair again when -right on cue– it started raining. Hard. I took cover in the entrance of an official building next to a middle aged African-American woman who explained the weather using her hands as the map of Michigan, her rings as the lakes and blah, blah, blah I lost her soon enough but it has to do with the winds or something.

I don’t care about the reason the weather is so crazy. It’s JULY for God’s sake. I deserve a day without rain.

Then there was loud thunder and I thought my ears were ringing long after it passed but the people around me seemed scared all of sudden. “Your ears are ringing too?” “No, it’s the storm siren“.

Oh, come on!

“And what are we supposed to do when the siren goes off?”. “Take cover”.

My initial enthusiasm of singing and acting silly in the rain has been washed away all right. I survived the police sirens and the helicopters in LA, I survived the morning prayer right at dawn in Istanbul but I don’t know if I’ll survive another storm siren ringing in my ears.

Half an hour later, there was this big river in the middle of the road with different kinds of stuff floating in it: odd flip flops, water bottles, plastic duckies (from an art booth), hats and other unidentified products from the local sellers who are probably crying over these losses as we speak.

Back to my insomnia and my 2 AM cup of coffee, I’m listening to one of Athens Swing Riot! CDs and getting all emotional about friends and home. If only I could bring everybody with me. Life would be just perfect then.


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One response to “yep, I changed the background.

  1. George

    Auto to background einai poly wraio alla nomizw pws to proigoumeno itan pio voliko kai pio filiko pros ta matia.
    O neos einai wraios ma omws o palios, o palios einai alliws… 🙂

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