Fashion Week — the day off

So, Vera Wang did big hair. Carolina Herrera did big hats. Zac Posen did big eye-make up. Betsey Johnson did a big entrance on her silly bike.  And DIESEL did it BIG. Of course I was there to clap for Sophia Kokosalaki, but –oh, my God– what an amazing show! What an amazing show. It took place at the NYC Pier, in a gray cement building and the background was blue skies and skyscrapers. I’m going to say it again: what an amazing show!

Today I gave myself a day off and went exploring Central Park. Started at the Upper East side on 5th Ave, walked all the way to the South West Side (with some pit stops for coffee and reading and lying on grass) and then went back to 5th Ave. to see the new Chanel window.

I also took lots of silly pictures of myself with Manhattan in the background.

One of these days I’ll do a really informative post.


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One response to “Fashion Week — the day off

  1. jerry

    Καλά είσαι θεά, τι φωτό είναι αυτή!!!
    Και το γυαλί θεϊκό, πώς δεν παράπεσε γαμώτο!!!
    Αντε περιμένουμε εναγωνίως το ινφόρματιβ ποστ…

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