pumpkin pie

It seems like every other Ann Arborite turned into a pumpkin this weekend.

They are everywhere. Shopping centers, front yards, balconies, grocery stores, coffee shops, you name it. I didn’t even know the planet could produce so many pumpkins in one season.

And every time I see them, I think of Cinderella.

Eugenio Recuenco for Vogue

And then Solero. When we were partying in LA, she would always come and find me a few minutes before sunrise and drag me home. Or to a diner for breakfast. And she would always say “phew, we barely made it in time, right before turning into pumpkins”. That was my favorite joke.

some house somewhere in Malibu



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5 responses to “pumpkin pie

  1. Solero

    I miss you, I love you, I think I turned into a pumpkin.

  2. you’ll always be my favorite pumpkin though.

  3. les na ginun oles magika amaxes??

  4. 8a ginei xamos apo tin kinisi stous dromous.

  5. George

    Ama ginoun amaxes, trexte na plynete ta podia sas. Opou na’nai, tha erxetai kai o prigipas

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