walk with me

lets go for a stroll around Ann Arbor this October evening. Put on your comfortable shoes and

go oooh and aaaah in front of pink trees:

and red trees:

and orange trees:

and houses with all of the above colors:

see what happens when Halloween spirits take over your garden:

find hidden treasures:

and secret fairy doors:

make new friends:

get lost:

find the place you’re dying to call home:

make a pit stop for coffee and Detroit’s free press:

consider another pit stop for homemade ice cream:

but make the adult decision and make a beeline for home –only to find that somebody’s been lunching on your pumpkins:

find this “someone” and threaten him; if he doesn’t behave, you’ll make a key chain with his fluffy tail.

go upstairs, make some hot apple cider and finish the last story in your book:

Oh, happy day.



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