This American Life

So, you get married to an American and suddenly everything you knew about weddings changes.

First of all he proposes. On his knees. The old-fashioned way that invariably makes us tear up in rom coms. Will proposed twice, maybe because he saw the huge impact of the first one.

Second, you are the center of attention. You, the groom and love. Not your mom and “everything she has ever dreamed of,” not the guests or the politics that are always ruining Greek weddings for the couple. Nobody guilts you into wearing or doing anything you don’t like. It’s a real celebration of your relationship.

WE were even part of the decoration

Third, when the dancing starts, it’s not embarrassing traditional music but the Beatles and Chuck Berry.

Fourth, you get to say your own vows. And you also get to say I Do! All these years of practicing Hollywood lines finally pay off.

Fifth, the flower girl can wear a little black dress that matches your own.

Sixth, the whole time you’re staring at the love of your life (or your grandpa, or your favorite uncle), not some long-bearded, bling-covered priest you’ve never met.

Seventh, you get to have Nannette’s award winning, famous cheesecake as your wedding cake.

Eighth: You realize that even so far away from Athens, you have a loving family and good friends to hug you and share your happiness with you.

our new winter home in Barre, Vermont







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2 responses to “This American Life

  1. I am so happy for you! You found happiness, I can tell!

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