doing the karaoke

Useful tricks I picked up in last night’s karaoke party:

* how to hold my full cup between my teeth so my hands are free to go through the list of the available songs. With experience you learn an extra trick: how to hold it so it won’t spill even if you bend your head to read closely. I feel that I’m a better person now.

* the karaoke room is the new kitchen. All the people you want to meet are there.

* backup dancers (or singers) have all the fun without the performance anxiety. Mom, Dad, I found my true calling. I’m going back to LA.


Between you and me: after 30, it’s not the wrinkles that you should worry about, but the fact that you get hangovers all the time. All. The. Time. Even if you just drink a few glasses (okay, huge plastic cups) of white wine.

Ah, the joys of student life!








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