Merry Easter and Happy New Year

So, it snowed. AGAIN. And it’s cold. It feels like Christmas. I keep writing “turkey” on my shopping list for Sunday. Lambs are too spring-y, they don’t go well with this weather.

I’ve put away my sweaters and scarves at least three times so far, dancing and hopping around “because spring is here”. Three false alarms. Spring isn’t here yet and I’m tired of wrapping things in lavender, only to take them out again and wear them shivering and then smell like old ladies in the church.

Well, I don’t care, I’m leaving in 2 weeks, I’m flying away, goodbye frozen Mitten I’m going to another spot on the planet, a small one, a bankrupt one, one that you might not have heard of. You want more clues? It’s full of beautiful beaches and illegal immigrants, everybody drives, people are getting fatter, it has gray ghetto-like areas and recently went broke. No, it’s not California.

Athenian friends, I’ll see you in 2 weeks. In the meantime, read all about my latest obsession and the reason I’ll get married again: here.


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