mediterranean diet

In front of the buffer I’m eating breakfast. “Lunch” Will says. Well, okay, it’s noon but I just got up and it’s my first meal of the day, so it’s breakfast. I hover over the meat platter and the lent platter. “Vegetarian” Will says. Well, the only reason why we wouldn’t eat meat is lent, so there you go.

Will and I can look at the same thing and come up with a different name. My mornings are his afternoons, my winter is his spring.

Oh, don’t even get me started on the weather! I walked out today and my face froze and it smelled like fireplaces and heavy skies, so I got excited and smiled and I didn’t know why until I realized I had the Christmas excitement of gifts and parties to come. Then I heard my mom’s voice in my head: It’s not very Christian to be so excited during the week Jesus suffered. I agree. This cold is not Christian.

So, today I attended this interesting panel: The Connecting Sea: Charting the Mediterranean across the Disciplines. While waiting for the talks to begin, eating my breakfast/lunch from both the meat and the lent/vegetarian plate and talking with Maria (who only wanted coffee and nothing for breakfast thank you), she introduced me to a very nice man who came in:

“This is Anton.” We shook hands.

“Anton Shammas.” I started shaking all over.

In case you were around when I was reading Arabesques you probably heard all about it. I couldn’t stop talking about this book, and I wanted the whole planet to read it and I just loved it okay?

So, here I am, with humus stuck on my teeth and my eyes all puffy because I just woke up and I shake hands with the author.

“OhmyGod, I justreadyourbook and it’samazing and mycopyisfullofnotes and it’ssuchapleasuretomeetyou and…” I went on and on until he excused himself and went to the other side of the room “to hear better”.

I was still talking about Arabesques to my pita when Will suggested that he’s probably too modest and I made him run away.

Well, honestly, what would you do in my place? Would you talk about the weather if you ever met Kafka so you wouldn’t scare him away? Would you pretend like you don’t think he’s genius?

Besides things could have been worse, I could have asked him for an autograph. On my arm.



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2 responses to “mediterranean diet

  1. Aunt Nannette

    And you didn’t get a photo of this encounter? I want to see the hummus in your teeth talking to the author!!! 🙂

  2. mpempa

    or a piece of his clothes!

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