Ann Arbor is the new Studio City

So, I’m in Old Town with Natalia and Jeremy and some of their friends and they’re all fiction writers or magazine writers, and of course they read Vanity Fair, no, no, they worship Vanity Fair, and I feel relived, finally I’m home, after a whole winter among literature academics I get to drink with my kind of people, people who talk about New Yorker and glossy pages, not schools of thought and moldy archives… So, I’m sitting there enjoying my adult life, congratulating myself on how well I’m doing, when I suddenly sit up.

“OMG, it’s this guy from How I met your mother!”.

They all turn around and actually recognize him, it’s Marshal, well Jason Segel, and I’m so happy that they know what I’m talking about, that they live in a world where sitcoms still exist.

I snap a couple of pictures with Natalia’s iphone, and before I can catch them, the whole group stands up from their booth, and we realize they’re all famous, they’re the cast of a new movie, Five-Year  Engagement that’s filming in Ann Arbor.

Moral: You can take the girl out of Hollywood, but you can’t make Hollywood stay away from the girl.


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