spring? is it you?

The sun was out and I stuck my nose on the window and watched all my neighbors walking their dogs in t-shirts and shorts and thought, oh my, spring is here (again), but my year in Michigan taught me not to trust the locals so I took a coat with me when I left the house and it was warm all right, I almost felt ridiculous carrying this coat until I reached the library door and there is was, a tornado warning. I knew it!

Well, spring has definitely come to our house, with the lilies Emma and Ken brought us, their aroma overpowered even the smell of garlic that lingered from the intensive Easter cooking and I’m dancing around, strictly indoors, because spring IS here, in our living room.

Of course Will might have a different opinion, buried under the books and the stress of the end of the semester, but you know me, I can celebrate for two.

on his work station

Yes, this nail file on the table is mine, what do you think I’m doing while he finds a solution to every literary problem on the planet?

Less than a week left on this side of the Atlantic!


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