it’s all greek to me

“What’s the turkish word for horse?” I ask my Willipedia

“You know it already, you use it in Greek too” he replies.

Phhh. I never get an easy answer right away from this guy, I have to sweat for my knowledge. I scratch my head for a couple of seconds. “Ati?”

“Exactly, at” he smiles.

“I thought ati came from ancient Greek” I protest and we both laugh.

Getting to know the Turkish language and culture is not an easy task for a Greek. Not because we’re so lazy, but because of all the political drama and the bad associations most of the words have. So, I found a shortcut to loving what I was brought up to hate: books.

These days I gulp down paperbacks by Elif Shafak (new favorite author alert) and Pamuk’s Istanbul.

Get it, read it and then thank me by buying me coffee: The Flea Palace.



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3 responses to “it’s all greek to me

  1. Γιώργος

    Will is right. Again! The ancient hellenic word for “alogo” was “ippos”.

  2. I knew ippo, but I was thinking they had a second word for it, alias synonym. With all this free time in their hands, they could come up with some alternatives, couldn’t they?

  3. Γιώργος

    Bien sure they could. But did they? Not! You know why? Because they got soooo tired with ippos due to double p

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