friends and other talented people

Dear American friends and family,

I know you only read unsettling news reports from Greece and I want to provide some variety. Amidst the chaos of corruption, pessimism, protests and tear gas, you can still glimpse some rays of sunshine, which is my clumsy way of saying young people who can still dream and create.

Two of them are my friends and I’m more than happy to introduce them to you.

Let’s start with the newest project, an urban guide to the street culture and fashion of Athens. An amazing idea, if you ask me — and even if you don’t, I’ll still come out and say it: an amazing idea. Without further ado, I present you

(drum roll)

Been there, done that. These talented kids write in English, so you have no excuse. Follow them on facebook, twitter and around the block.

Okay, now that I got your attention, here comes a girl from a different era, a genuine Dazzlin’ gal. She’s an expert on anything vintage, a bewitching wiz with hair (she could create glamorous victory rolls even in my short bob) and her blog whisks you to a happy place, where women wear red lipstick and silk gloves and men tip their fedoras when they see you.

She’s also doing a lot of writing in English, so go ahead and follow her right into a time machine. By the way, if you’re ever in Athens, you have to book an appointment with her at Belle Epoque, Voulis 34, or here:

Now, instead of going back to more unsettling news, lets try to focus on the good things happening on that sunny side of the planet that I once called home.



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3 responses to “friends and other talented people

  1. ~Evgenia

    I don’t know why but most of the times I read you, you ‘re being really nostalgic.. in a charming way though..

  2. Ok I won’t shed a tear, that will make my keyboard blow up. I only want to thank you. Thank you for writing this post, thank you for inspiring me, thank you for being my friend…

  3. Thank you, thank you aaaand thank you. The best are yet to come.. or so they say xxx

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