funny girls

so, I read Office’s Mindy Kaling’s book Is everyone hanging out without me (and other concerns) and it’s really funny. Not Sedaris or Tina Fey hilarious, but still very funny. You’ve probably seen an extract on The New Yorker about types of women in comedies. If you haven’t, you can remedy the mistake now. After reading her book, I also discovered her blog, and that’s my new guilty pleasure –when I really want to procrastinate I daydream of us being friends and laughing over the same things in LA.

Daydreaming of sunny LA was easier today that the weather has been freakishly nice. Like a trap. I expect nothing less than a tornado in the next few days.

Back to Mindy Kaling and funny girls. Of course she doesn’t even bother answering if women have a sense of humor after all, the trendiest debate circa 2010, which took me by surprise then, not because people realized that women can be funny, but because they ever doubted it, as if this noble characteristic was male only, the virtue that only comes with a penis.

Speaking of shocks, let’s all keep a moment of silence regretting again this embarrassing mistake of an old article on Marie Claire (we’re only human right?), that stated that men don’t like funny women and concluded with the unforgettable quotation of a guy’s “I don’t want you to make me laugh, I just want you to make me horny”, a phrase that burned a hole on the fabric of western civilization the size of a Kardashian ass.

Time’s up, go back to laughing out loud and never let anyone convince you it’s not hot.



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3 responses to “funny girls

  1. Bridget

    funny girls are obvi the best.

  2. Magdalini

    Thanks for the tip. I was looking for the next e-book for my Kindle and was searching for something funny (after the really really good but “serious” The Marriage Plot and the really really good but kind of depressing “Interpreter of Maladies”, both of which I highly recommend by the way…).

    I’m a huge Sedaris fun and just finished Tina Fay’s Bossypants so I hope I’ll enjoy this as well (taking advantage of my maternity leave to make up for not being able to read anything except for the summer).

    PS: By the way, as a fellow Greek expat (following Greek husband at the US, six years ago), I really enjoy your blog (even though it’s hardly raining here in CA – let alone snowing) 🙂

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