the others

you know how every Greek knows someone who knows someone who stood in line in a random bank abroad and some Foreigner insulted his patriotic feelings making fun of our financial situation? Even this girl from LA went to all this trouble to make that youtube video, reminding people with reasonable angst and some unreasonable screams, that she invented democracy with her own bare hands — just because she was fed up with all the insults.

Well, I have to be honest here my dear friend, two years of living abroad and I still haven’t met this obnoxious German who goes from bank to bank and insults Greek immigrants.

But, don’t worry, I’ll be ready for him when he comes. I’ll start screaming about all the things that this ancient civilization invented in the geographical area that my Athenian apartment is located today. I’ll take credit for everything, including the turkish coffee that I feel should be ours, and shame him to tears.

Just pray there are no Chinese people in the same line and start taking credit for the invention of paper. Can you imagine having to thank them for every single printout we ever held?

Or any native Americans asking for tomatoes to be brought back to this continent and be bred here exclusively. What will happen to greek salad then?

This is chaos.


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  1. chaos indeed, my dear friend.

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