creation myth

“Malakas” is a Greek word of ancient pedigree, meaning masturbator, wanker, or simply ass hole.

“Maganda” is a Turkish word meaning redneck, lecher, or simply jack ass.

While these two words are by no means direct synonyms, they are certainly inseparable friends, with a deep cultural heritage.

Okay, what’s your point? you’ll ask me. This is my point: These two words are incontrovertible proof that the Greco-Turkish civilization is not simply the oldest, but the founder of human existence itself:

“Together, Malakas and Maganda had many children, and from them eventually came all the different races of people […]. After a while the parents grew very tired of having so many idle and useless children around […]. Malakas seized a stick and began beating them on all sides.”
As if there were any doubt left, this final sentence drives home the point: these are the Malakas and Maganda we have come to know so well.

The Greek Malakes and the Turkish Magandalar are the timeless ancestors of us all.


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  1. WoooW !
    Prwti fora to akouw kai mou bgazei ontws noima!

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